TrueLayer unveils Verification API to simplify onboarding process

TrueLayer unveils Verification API to simplify onboarding process

UK open banking platform TrueLayer has launched a new Verification API to make the onboarding process for its customers easier.

Viddget – Digital Onboarding

Digital onboarding via video chat
Viddget is a video chat solution that enable you to help your customers through a real time video chat

TrueLayer and the Fast Forward programme

How valuable is the advice companies receive in the Fast Forward programme? Shefali Roy, COO of API provider TrueLayer, which helps companies simplify the open banking market, explains why Fast Forward helped make a difference to the organisation. This video was filmed when we caught up with TrueLayer earlier this year.

Cohort four will be launching soon – more information to follow.

Client & Customer Onboarding in Banking – Less than 7 minutes with Kofax Solutions

Over 70% of banks are not providing the customer onboarding experience customers expect. By including mobile and mobile capture, digital signature and personalized communications to your customers, you can make customer onboarding can be easy, efficient and smart.

Verification API: How It Works

Effortless onboarding for everything. Verify your customer’s account details and ownership in seconds using their bank app. Learn more at: