Microsoft underlines heightened concern from call centre ransomware scheme

Microsoft underlines heightened concern from call centre ransomware scheme

Microsoft has claimed a ransomware campaign employing bogus call centers to trick victims into downloading malware may be more dangerous than previously thought.

Ransomware Defense and Response: Minimizing Risk of an Increasing Threat | SANS Cyber Defense Forum

Human-operated ransomware is a growing cyber threat that has seriously impacted a number of major organisations and dominated recent news headlines. In this type of attack, hands-on-keyboard operators gain initial access, compromise privileged accounts, and deploy ransomware as widely as possible. The human-element of these attacks allows the most critical infrastructure within an organisation to be targeted, often resulting in significant and long-term disruption.

In this talk we will present the key cyber defence techniques required to effectively and efficiently prevent and respond to human-operated ransomware attacks.

Gabriel Currie @gabrielcurrie, Senior Cyber Security Manager, PwC
Will Oram @willoram, Senior Cyber Security Manager, PwC

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What is Ransomware?

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You’ve probably heard the term ransomware used recently in the news. Between the Colonial Pipeline attack, attacks against local governments, school systems, etc., ransomware is everywhere in the news these days.

But what is ransomware? How does it work? How can you protect yourself from it?

In this lightboard video, Bradley Knapp with IBM Cloud, answer these questions and much more as he explains how ransomware can affect both your personal local machine, as well as a large enterprise, and what you can do to defense yourself against malicious attacks.

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Microsoft takes action against Trickbot ransomware attacks

Calling Trickbot a threat to the upcoming U.S. election, Microsoft has taken legal action against the cybercrime network known for targeting more than a million computers with ransomware and other malware. Because Trickbot uses Microsoft’s own code, Microsoft argues it’s abusing its trademark.

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