Irish RegTech Dataships sails to seed round close

Irish RegTech Dataships sails to seed round close

Irish RegTech platform Dataships has reportedly raised $3m in a seed funding round.

Go faster with easy wireless data acquisition | Texense [TECH NUGGET]

Data acquisition is becoming more affordable and important at every level of motorsport and as things have become more complex, so has the wiring harness that accompanies traditional sensors.

Texense have the solution with their wireless sensor system. Each sensor has its own individual, replaceable, battery that will last an entire race weekend and due to the lack of hardwiring the sensors can simply be zip tied in place enabling you to switch them between locations and cars.

The sensors transmit to a central receiver in order to convert the raw data to a CAN stream that feeds your logger or dash giving you real-time updates or logs to scrutinize later depending on your setup. The number of channels you’re able to log depends on which frequencies you wish to log at, but a typical setup would see you with 16 sensors at 100Hz and 16 at a lower frequency of 10Hz.

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Sennen Tech

The global energy sector is grappling with a rapid and profound transition driven by the trends of decentralisation and decarbonisation. Digitisation and smart data systems are critical to enable the necessary flexibility and efficiency. Sennen provides affordable, effective and seamless data systems that facilitate deployment and operation of new infrastructure in the clean energy sector. Sennen’s technology is deployed by leading clean infrastructure companies including London Array, one of the largest offshore wind farms in the world. Sennen’s deep sector experience and high performance software framework allows them to rapidly configure systems tailored to client’s needs.

How Google SRE and Developers Work Together • Christof Leng • GOTO 2021

This presentation was recorded at GOTOpia February 2021. #GOTOcon #GOTOpia

Christof Leng – Site Reliability Engineering Manager / Uber-TL at Google

Site Reliability Engineers (SRE) are Google’s specialists for designing, building, and running complex services that are reliable, scalable, efficient, and maintainable. The SRE Engagement Model describes how the collaboration between developers and SREs works, how SRE is funded, what kind of work SRE is best suited for, and how reliability engineering can be applied early in the service lifecycle […]

00:00 Intro
02:11 How to run a planet-scale system?
08:56 The SRE engagement model
21:46 Engagement types
31:33 Outro

Download slides and read the full abstract here:

Aaron Rinehart • Security Chaos Engineering •
Nora Jones & Casey Rosenthal • Chaos Engineering •
Nora Jones & Casey Rosenthal • Chaos Engineering •
Mikolaj Pawlikowski • Chaos Engineering •
Russ Miles • Learning Chaos Engineering •
Murphy, Beyer, Jones & Petoff • Site Reliability Engineering •
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Geo Replicated Databases for Disaster Recovering Using CRDT

Jude Cadet, from Fiserv, talks from the platform perspective and how FiServ uses Redis Geo-replication for disaster recovering. FiServ is a global leader in Financial Services that specializes in payment processes and focuses on the backend of banks and Financial Institutions.

Fiserv’s presence as a leader in the finance industry shows a strong need for increased uptime and availability. Redis geo-replicated databases provide a strong disaster recovery solution where data can be replicated to another region where another application instance can connect to the same data as production. This allows us to support our applications especially critical applications in a highly reliable, redundant, and distributed fashion. We will highlight how the capabilities and services provided by the Redis Enterprise product support the realization of Fiserv’s product offering. Special attention will be paid to the capabilities of the Conflict-Free Replicated Database in support of a large-scale deployment.

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