Irish InsurTech Companjon teams with Novus to improve flight insurance

Irish InsurTech Companjon teams with Novus to improve flight insurance

Ireland-based InsurTech company Companjon has teamed up with Novus to transform UK customer experiences with insurance for flight delays.


Global Insurance Accelerator Demo – WeSavvy

Hesus Inoma pitches his #insurtech startup, WeSavvy, at the 2016 Global Insurance Symposium, April 26-28 in Des Moines, Iowa, USA. To learn more about the event, visit For more information on the Accelerator and WeSavvy, visit

Best Health Insurance in Ireland

What is the Best Health Insurance in Ireland?

The average annual cost of Irish health insurance was €2,059 in 2019 according to a survey by the Health Insurance Authority. This figure includes both family and individual policies. There are currently over 300 different policies in Ireland so finding the right scheme can be time-consuming and confusing.
Irish Health insurance companies offer a range of policies. Private health insurance benefits can include:
In-patient services: This includes general hospital accommodation, hospice, mental health, and A &E overnight stays.
Out-patient services: Day case surgery and treatment that takes place in the hospital, but doesn’t require an overnight stay.
Everyday medical expenses: This may include cover of emergency or non-emergency dental and optical care.
Online GP services
Complementary therapies
Maternity benefits
Allied health services: Physiotherapy, chiropody, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and psychiatric services.
Consultation fees: This includes referrals from your GP and a second opinion service.
Medical tests and scans: Any tests or screening that takes place may be partially covered.
Will I be covered straight away?
When you take out medical insurance for the first time you may have to serve a waiting period before you’re fully covered.
Initial waiting periods
Pre-existing condition 5 years
New condition 26 weeks
Accident or new injury Immediately
Maternity benefits 52 weeks
If you upgrade your plan to include higher in-patient benefits, the insurance company will insert a two year Upgrade Rule for any pre-existing medical conditions. But If it’s a new medical condition the higher-level benefits will be covered immediately.
There are four health insurance providers in Ireland, although there are other companies that provide health insurance schemes for some select groups.These are: VHI Healthcare, Laya Healthcare, Irish Life Health and HSF Health Plan.
It is important to note that Hospital Charges in Ireland are actually governmentally subsidised, something I was not made aware of growing up. Emergency care is provided at a cost of €100 for a visit to an Accident and Emergency (A &E) department, if one has not attended a GP first. Hospital charges (for inpatients) are a flat fee of €80 per day up to a maximum of €800 in any twelve-month period, irrespective of the actual care received. Specialist assessments and diagnostic assessments (such as X-rays, laboratory tests, physiotherapy, etc.) are provided free of charge. I genuinely only visited a hospital or doctor once in my life as I did not know the above.
Benefit of Health Insurance versus free.
One interesting note I availed of recently is that if you’re travelling somewhere in Europe, taking a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with you will get you access to free or low cost health care as an Irish citizen.
Please note that Insurers cannot refuse to accept or renew your policy on the basis of your health or age but they may restrict your cover or specify exclusions.
However, if you are over the age of 35 when you first take out a policy, be aware the Lifetime Community Rating will increase the cost of your premium.
If your income is low, you may qualify for a Medical Card and will have access to most health services for free.
So lets check out some of the options we can filter for when looking for the best health insurance. I will leave a link for the HIA.IE comparison tool down below in the description where you can filter by insurance type, your age, your budget and all the different benefits you may or will require so it is definitely a handy tool.

So using the handy tool lets choose adult, i.e. over 26 years old.
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