Ireland ranks highest in fraud risk in Europe

Ireland ranks highest in fraud risk in Europe

Ireland has the highest fraud risk index in Europe with a rating of 7.44, according to research from Merchant Machine.

Cops Pull Over Hells Angels – Watch What Happens Next!

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For more than a decade, Tommy Baker has led a group of week-end bikers on rides literally all across America. Along the way, he decided they should call themselves “The Ice Cream Men From Hell.” He designed a patch and gave the ‘colors’ to the riders he thought were worthy. They weren’t an official Motorcycle Club, but maybe – one day – they’ll try. That day has finally arrived. Baker put together the quintessential biker journey – a biker boot camp – to see if he and his buddies had what it takes to be a real Motorcycle Club – an M.C. – an American M.C. Getting seventeen men, from all walks of life and three states together is the first mission – and it doesn’t go smoothly. Once they do all meet up and start riding together – five minutes in, one of them goes down.

Let us know if you’ll be streaming American MC at home and what you think about the events that unfold for Tommy Baker and the Ice Cream Men From Hell in the comments below.

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Watch Back: Launching your EU Career: Opportunities in the field of Anti-fraud in the EU

On 10 October, the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) will launch recruitment competitions for Administrators in the field of Anti-Fraud.

Ireland’s Permanent Representation will host a webinar on these competitions at 12:00 (Irish time)/13:00 (Brussels time), Wednesday 13 October 2021.

Attendees will hear from colleagues working in the field of Anti-Fraud in the European institutions, as well as hearing from EPSO regarding the competition process.

Ask questions to the panellists using Slido – Audience Interaction Made Easy and the code: #EUjobs

The event will be moderated by Eamonn Mac Aodha, Director of the Parliament and Institutions Section in the Irish Permanent Representation to the EU.

Speakers will include:

• James SWEENEY, Head of Unit, European Anti-Fraud Office, European Commission
• Maria SERFIOTI, European Personnel Selection Office

Free Derry: The IRA Drug War

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In February 2014, letter bombs were sent to nine British Military recruitment offices over the course of three days. Londonderry postmarks, a coded message sent to a Northern Irish newspaper, and security forces at Downing Street all pointed to the New IRA as the main suspects.

Last Summer, VICE News visited Derry and heard from Gary Donnelly – the most prominent dissident republican in Londonderry, accused of leading operations for the Real IRA – that these attacks on Britain were to be expected as part of “strategic attacks on high profile targets,” as “it’s England that’s occupying Ireland.”

In ‘Free Derry: The IRA Drug War’, VICE News investigate how, sixteen years after the Good Friday peace agreement and on the eve of the first major loyalist parade through the city in four years, dissident republican activity in Derry is increasing thanks to the merger of the Real IRA with anti-drugs vigilantes.

VICE News reporter Alex Miller speaks to members of the Republican Action Against Drugs (RAAD), who formed the coalition with the Real IRA, and meets supporters as young as thirteen who are being armed with petrol bombs to combat criminal gangs and intervening police.

For the first time, Paul Stewart, a close friend of slain Dublin Real IRA leader Alan Ryan, speaks on camera about witnessing the murder, as well as sharing insights on Ryan’s war against drug dealers.

Miller also interviews the mother of Andrew Smith, a man who she says was murdered by the Real IRA despite no affiliation with drugs related crime, before hearing from a Derry ex-drug dealer who now claims that, if the New IRA didn’t fight drugs, “this town would be filled with ecstasy and rat poison and kids would be dying.”

VICE encounter a city where kneecappings and shootings are rife, walls are branded with anti-UK slogans, and where a policeman can scarcely walk down the street – according to Gary Donnelly – “without being killed”.

In “Free Derry: The IRA Drug War”, VICE unmask the farcical veneer of the UK’s ‘City of Culture’ 2013.

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Roma in America: Why Europe’s Most Discriminated Group Is Coming To The US…

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